Hogs 2017 Donation Station And Wishlist

Mandeville, LA – The Barbacoa Brotherhood performs works of Charity on behalf of foundations who serve communities in need through festivals and cooking competitions. Even IF The Brotherhood wins $$ prizes, the proceeds are always donated back to the charity after our on-site expenses are covered. The annual Hogs for the Cause event costs thousands of dollars just to compete in when equipment, staging and food costs are totaled. This year, please assist us by choosing any of the items below and making a. a donation in kind to cover the expense or b. if you are able, purchase and have the item shipped here to Brotherhood Central:

Mike Church

21489 Koop Rd., # 2

Mandeville, LA 70471

THE LIST (click here to purchase items)

• Tent, tables, chairs and other on-site food service rentals = $600.00 – DONATED by Steve Michl

• 50 Pounds of “squeaky” Wisconsin Cheese Curds. (Estimated cost with shipping) = $275.00 – DONATED by Kevin Harris!

• 150 lbs of Sysco™ Crispy Fries = $150.00 DONATED By Robert Camele, thanks Robert!

• 8 Gallons of Chisesi’s Pride™ beef gravy = $50.00

• One 70lb. Duroc whole hog = $210.00

• Paper Service Products = $50

• Tent Sanitation = $75

• Boston Butts = $110 – Donated by Steve Michl!

• Seasonings/Ingredients = $125

• Tent Signage = $175

• Sponsorship Brochures = $180

• Cooking Oil 5 gallon containers x 4 = $30/each

• Water (for sanitation stations) = $100 – DONATED by Cezary pawlec!


• 1 food service warming oven like the Cambro 300 and the dolly.DONATED By Hae Lee, thanks Hae!

• BBQ temperature with wireless remote monitor like the ThermoPro 307 – DONATED By Mike Smathers, thanks Mike!

You can use the checkout form below to make a donation toward any item shown above.

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