The Barbacoa Brotherhood Mission

We are a team of cooking professionals that donates all our winnings and proceeds to charity including the annual Hogs For The Cause. Invite us!

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World Headquarters Address
21489 Koop Rd
Mandeville, LA, 70471

When the event's rulebook says we can light our pits!
We roll our awesome food every day except on Shabbis!

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The Barbacoa Brotherhood thanks our 2017 Sponsoring Members and Donors! Steven Claxton, ALBERT CARRILLO JR, Daniel Mundy, Mark Prader, Brian May, Robert Hughes, Stephen Michl, Sandi Juliano, Brian Kunzie, Michael Fien, Daniel Mundy, Dwight Hoare, Michael Eastland, William Stowe, William Fuentes, Cezary Pawelec, Michael Montgomery, Ray Salazar, Charles Lewis, Thomas Heidenfelder, Kristopher Brooks, Matthew Adams, Bill Hofhine, Michael Buckley, Carmine Mazzella, Mark Carkhuff, Richard Barrett, Bill McComb, Wade Mazzuca, James Mitchell, John F Malone, Christopher Beattie, Riki Musslewhite, Mark Mocerino, Richard Bakemeier, William Myers, Victoria Levi, Brandon Wynn, Scott Stoverock, David Homka, Stephen Ross, Jeffory Korson, Chris Coughlin, Ernest Pages, Edward Clutter, Richard Biancone, Michael Forgette, Daniel Mundy, Mike Smathers, Hae Lee, Jas Wil, Tommy Baum, Troy Clayton, Bill Morrison, Robert Camele, David Bartlett, Scott Keller, Dennis LaVopa, Ernie Sanford, Chris Stitzlein, Aaron Mason, Craig Silverman, DANIEL PIERSON, Kimberly Floyd, Cole Beavers, James Higbie, Michael Kaake, Howell Long, Becky Roberts, Glenn Butkerait, Oriol & Elder LLC, Bulldog KIA of Athens, GA; Troy Clayton; Bill Morrison, Robert Camele; David Bartlett; Scott Keller; Dennis LaVopa; Ernie Sanford; Chris Stitzlein; Aaron Mason; Craig Silverman; Daniel Pierson; Kimberly Floyd; Cole Beavers; James Higbie; Michael Kaake; Howell Long; James Wilroy; Becky Roberts; Glenn Butkerait; Randy Munday; Jeffrey Johnson; Jeff Anguzza, Patty Proze; DOES YOUR NAME BELONG HERE!? Donate-Sponsor the Barbacoa Brotherhood and Hogs 2017 NOW and choose your sponsorship level from the list below!


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