The Barbecue Chronicles-History Of The Brotherhood

Who Are These Guys “The Barbacoa Brotherhood”!?

We are a professional cooking team that donates all our winnings and proceeds to charity including the annual Hogs For The Cause. Invite us!

We Were Formerly Known As The Death Chefs! – Many people have asked “why in the world did you name your competition-cooking team The Death Chefs, don’t you guys cook for charity events benefitting cancer patients!?” The answer to this question is simple: the team name was supposed to be scary. Let us explain. The team name Death Chefs was chosen in 2008 to compete in a Halloween-themed chili cook-off and corresponding Halloween costume contest. The Death Chefs became a fixture at this annual event, the Mandeville Rotary Club’s Chili Cook-off. The team earned First Prize in that contest in 2010. When we were cooking chili at Halloween festivals, the name Death Chefs was cool. Then we decided to try our hands at barbecue as The Death Chefs. Our first official barbecue contest was the 2011 Hogs for The Cause in City Pork and we finished 10th in the Grand Champion competition as The Death Chefs. By then we had banners and yard signs; caps and t-shirts that all said The Death Chefs, so the name had some history, so we stuck with it until 2016 when we changed our name to the more genteel and family friendly The Barbacoa Brotherhood.

These Guys Raise Lots of Money For Charities

The Barbacoa Brotherhood have raised over $75k for the Hogs for The Cause Foundation in the last 4 years & for 2016 hope to exceed last year’s $35k contribution and have set an ambitious goal of $50,000 to offset our $80,000 commitment to construct our hospice room for St. Tammany Parish families with children being treated at Children’s Hospital NOLA. But the Barbacoa Brotherhood charity work is not limited to Hogs for The Cause. In fact, the team has donated its time, food costs and cooking skills to a growing list of NOLA area charity events including:

Hogs For The Cause benefitting families with children suffering brain cancers
The Ultimate Tailgate Party & The St Tammany Exchange
The Mandeville Rotary Club
The ASK Foundation of Northern VA benefitting families with children suffering cancer
The Town of Abita Springs, LA
The Mandeville High School Marching Band
The Madisonville, LA Chamber of Commerce
The Ponchatoula, LA Chamber of Commerce
The Wounded War Hero Project

The Brotherhood Can Use Your Help

We hope to expand our corporate sponsors list substantially and plan to work with businesses to tailor those donations to best fit each company’s philanthropic plans.

These Guys are seeking contributions in the following forms.

• Become a 2017 Member of the Barbacoa Brotherhood-Memberships start at $25, click here to choose a sponsorship level signup.
• Cash in any amount to offset our event expenses, click here to donate.
• Employee donations with a company matching that amount, click here to donate and learn more.
• Paid product placement in our on-site kitchen and service to the public area; Naming sponsorship of our on-site kitchen e.g. “The Covington Brewery BBQ Tent”, for naming sponsorship, please inquire directly.
• Name & Logo placement on Barbacoa Brotherhood uniforms = $1,000, please inquire directly.
• Name & Logo placement on the On-Site, 2016 Hogs Sponsor “Wall of Fame” = $500.00, click here to purchase.

These Guys Love HOGS ‘Cause HOGS Loves Sick Kids

The purpose of Hogs For The Cause is to provide aid and relief of those variable expenses and economic burdens families face while their child is being treated for pediatric brain cancer. While the money devoted to pediatric cancer research is dwindling, there is an even bigger void in the variable expenses associated with cancer treatment. It is our goal to fill this void. As a result of the support and success Hogs For The Cause has garnered in past years, Hogs currently operates as a premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer outreach services in the United States.