Our 2018 Patron Saint: Saint Vincent DePaul With An Assist From The Wonderworker of Padua, Saint Ant’ny

Mandeville, LA – Each year the Barbacoa Brotherhood’s team captain either selects or appoints a member to select our Patron Saint. In this inaugural year of the Brotherhood, team captain Mike Church has selected Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Anthony of Padua. Saint Vincent’s work for the poor is nothing short of astounding when you consider the sheer number of schools and clinics he established to serve the French poor.

“Nadine is doing great she’s had to get platelets one time that I remember..She went to Disney last December and had a blast…The tumor has shrunk and they say that come either August or September she will be done with chemo.” – Kathy Lucas- Grandmother of one of our grant recipients, Nadine Hebert (story is below)


Saint Vincent dePaul assisting the les miserables of France.

From one of Saint Vincent’s biographies we learn this:

Most remarkably, Vincent was by temperament a very irascible person—even his friends admitted it. He said that except for the grace of God he would have been “hard and repulsive, rough and cross.” But he became a tender and affectionate man, very sensitive to the needs of others.

Pope Leo XIII made him the patron of all charitable societies. Outstanding among these, of course, is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, founded in 1833 by his admirer Blessed Frédéric Ozanam.

This pin was given to Mike Church by Father Jeffrey Jambon. The enclosed note explains its importance and journey. Since receiving the pin, Mike has had a daily devotion to Saint Anthony of Padua’s intercession for all the children Hogs for The Cause assists. Saint Anthony is the Barbacoa Brotherhood’s co-patron Saint for 2018!

Nadine Hebert pictured with Mike Church during treatment at Children’s Hospital, NOLA, April, 2017.

Church said of the 2018 Patron Saints: “I pray Saint Vincent de Paul will intercede for us in our 2018 efforts as he did so generously in 2017, and bless us all with an increase in humility and charity, Saint Vincent, pray for us. I also include a devotion to Saint Anthony of Padua this year for a very special reason: I have been praying daily to Saint Anthony for the health needs of little Nadine Hebert (pictured at right), a Hogs For The Cause grant recipient who has made progress fighting the awful brain cancer, she suffers.”

“Then there is the little miracle of baby Lilli Anne who was born at 26 weeks and is about to be discharged from NICU and go home a healthy, beautiful child of God. Then there is the miracle of Lilli Ann Vitale who was diagnosed with a terrible form of Leukemia in November of last year. Many CRUSADERS of the Mike Church Show held a daily devotion to Saint Anthony and Saint Catherine of Sienna. Lilli Ann is now home with husband Nino and their 5 children after emerging from chemo and a marrow transplant free of the cancer! What a trio of Saints to have at our side for the upcoming fundraising campaign and daily devotionals to the little souls we meet who are in need of their healing intercession and a slab of the Brotherhood’s world famous, 54th place ribs!.”